9 Daily Habits That Will Transform Your Health

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Ready for transformation but tired of all the weight loss gimmicks & Fad diets? Try these tips instead.

New year – new you? It’s what you always hear, right?

Resolutions to be made – and rarely kept, because they’re just too big and too overwhelming.

But transformation doesn’t have to mean big changes right here, right now.

It’s the simple – and often small – choices that we make every day that have the biggest impact on health.

Setting tangible goals that can be achieved over time are what will lead to long-term lifestyle changes.

Transformation takes courage. It requires a mindset shift where you let go of the person you are today to become the person you aspire to be tomorrow.

And it's not about willpower. It's about looking yourself in the mirror and making a promise to yourself to be better than you are right now. To embrace change and evolve.

Small, tangible goal, by small, tangible goal. So, here are some small changes to make as you head into the new year: 

1. Plan Ahead

Life is busy.

When you’re rushing around it’s easy to skip meals and exercise and, as a result, pick up the nearest convenience snack or meal to fill the gap.

Prep here is key.

If you prepare your meals for the week, you’ll be more likely to eat at home and save yourself from those hundreds of extra calories you would consume from buying takeaway. 

Better for you body and easier on your wallet are two key reasons why making time to meal prep is worth the effort.

But, planning all your meals in advance can be a daunting undertaking...especially if it's not something you've done before.

And, eating out every now and then is great, especially when getting together with friends and family.

So instead of becoming a meal-prep maniac or going back into social isolation here’s a small change that you can try: at home, start with making one more meal a week than you normally do.

For best success, choose something that is most convenient for your schedule like breakfast or dinner.

No cooking skills?  No problem.
Substituting your usual breakfast with a low-prep option like a healthy breakfast smoothie can save you time and get you closer to your health goals.

And, whilst you’re at it – make it colorful to boost antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre.

2. Up the H20

We hear this all the time: “Drink more water” and “Get eight glasses a day.”

These statements can be completely overwhelming!

We know that water gives the many processes taking place in your body a much-needed boost—like detoxing your digestive system, maintaining your blood pressure and increasing your endurance during exercise.

It is important to hydrate before, during and after a workout to replenish lost electrolytes.

So, here’s the small change: try keeping a refillable water bottle with you at work—it will help you reach for water instead of sugary fruit juice, sodas or more coffee.

So, when you need a break at work, instead of getting up to make that extra cup of coffee, reach for your water bottle and take a walk around the office instead. 

3. Get More Steps in Daily

Did you know that walking can be one of the most effective exercises to keep you healthy?

And all you need is your feet!

Okay, so maybe you want to be able to run 5kms or even a marathon by the end of the year, but let’s start small.

So, here’s the small change: if you can, take a two minute walk every 20 minutes.

If you sit at a desk a lot during the day, and can’t get up every 20 minutes, then take two or three ten minute walks – outside, if you can.

It’s only a small change, but the results are significant.

Can't find time to take a break?

Here are a few more ways to increase your steps throughout the day:

  • Take the stairs instead of using the elevator
  • Park at the end of the parking lot when running errands
  • Stand up and walk around when taking phone calls

4. Take Time Out to De-Stress

We know – reducing stress is often this is easier said than done.

But nothing will age you more quickly or derail your progress faster than being stressed out all the time.

Avoiding or lowering stress helps to soothe nerves and relax tense muscles.

The heart and intestines are muscles too, so stress can negatively impact them.

So here’s the small change: include simple breathing exercises into your day.

Take 5 minutes, sit down in a comfortable chair, outside if possible, with your feet on the floor and your hands on your thighs.

Close your eyes, focus on your body and breath in for 5 and out for 5 for 5 minutes.

Try to forget about your worries and concerns for those few minutes.

Just focus on your breathing. Life will go on, so give yourself those few minutes to just be. 

5. Catch Some ZZZZ's

You hear it all the time because it’s so true: 7 to 8 hours of good sleep a night cannot be beaten!

Getting enough sleep protects you from health problems, manages your hunger, boosts your immune system, and keeps your memory in check.

It’s clear why this is a priority in your life.

So, here’s the small change: go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Put away electronics and avoid taking your phone to bed with you!

Instead, grab your favorite cup of herbal tea and a good book.

6. Find Your Flow Through Daily Movement

People often stop exercising because they aren’t enjoying the exercise they are doing.

The key to staying fit is all about repetition, which means you better enjoy the movement you’re doing.

Because, if you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll keep on doing it!

So, here’s the small change: try a few different activities or ways of exercising until you find one that speaks to you.

Whether it’s hiking up a mountain, biking along rivers, or even dancing or rollerskating.

And feel free to switch things up! There's no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness so don't be afraid to try something that works for you.

7. Be a Social Butterfly

After the last 2 years we have had, it’s easy to just stay at home, binge-watching shows.

Many of us have developed HOGO – hassle of going out!

But regular social activity can help to improve longevity, boost immunity and encourage healthy behaviors.

So here’s the small change: every day, make sure you have some social interaction for at least 10 minutes.

Have lunch with a colleague; grab a takeaway herbal tea for a morning walk with a friend; call your sister for a video chat. 

8. Prioritize Your Nutrition

Eating well and getting the right nutrients for your body are key to good health and a better you.

Failing to provide your body with the right fuel is a surefire way derail your healthy lifestyle goals.

Being too tired, too sore, too stressed out, too whatever usually comes as a result of your nutrition being out of whack.

At LyfeFuel, we can help with your nutritional needs on this journey.

So, here’s the small change: rooted in whole food, plant-based nutrition and mindful living principles, the Transformation Program is the ultimate solution for taking your health and performance to new heights.

Unlike other detox, cleanse or fad diets you may have tried in the past, the Transformation Program sets you up for long-term success by instilling new healthy habits and providing the daily nutrition needed to be at your best.

9. Keep On Keeping On...

Now that you’ve started to make small changes – don’t give up!

Remember that these small changes lead to big transformations in the long run.

So, every day, give yourself a high five that you’ve started.

So here’s one last small change: write down why you started in the first place and put it somewhere you see daily – on the door as you leave the house; at your desk; next to your bed.

Then, when you see it, thank yourself for going in the right direction.

Fuel better. Feel better. Live better.

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For me, the best part was that I wasn't having any cravings. I learned so much about food and discovered so much of our poor nutrition is rooted in bad habits. The shakes are a nice addition to the plan!

Lisa S. | Verified Buyer

I used the program for weight loss and am down 12 lbs. in 21 days! It has really taught me to make healthier choices and helped clean up my diet. I enjoyed learning about anti-inflammatory foods and trying out the plant-based recipes. Looking forward to sticking with it!

Eric V. | Verified Buyer


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