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Nourish your mind, body, and soul with
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At LYFE Fuel we focus on sourcing the best plant-based protein & superfood supplements from around the globe to accomplish one important goal; help you to look and feel your best. Every. Single. Day.


Founded on the pillars of quality, efficacy, and sustainability, LYFE Fuel exists to make you and the planet better.  

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Natural is better than synthetic

Natural is better
than synthetic

Comprehensive formulations


Sustainably sourced ingredients

Sustainably sourced

Backed by real science

Backed by real

Essentials Shake

Essentials Shake

The all-in-one solution for total nutrition

If there is one thing you do for your health, this is it. The all-in-one Essentials Shake is everything you need and nothing you don't to get the most out of LYFE!

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Recovery Shake

Upgrade your fuel to accelerate recovery

Formulated to help you get the most out of your training & fitness routine by minimizing muscle soreness, replenishing nutrients lost when you sweat, maximizing lean muscle building, and accelerating the recovery process.

Recover Yourself
Recovery Shake
Super Probiotic: Ultra Strength and Super Omega: Pure Algae Oil DHA Supplements


Nature's Best Remedies for Modern Lifestyles

Combat stress, fight inflammation, and defend against free radical damage with the healing properties of plants.

Supplement Your Life

21-Day Transformation Program

Clear & Actionable Daily Tasks
Clear & Actionable
Daily Tasks
Community Motivation Through Vimify
Community Motivation
Through Vimify
Support From Our Health and Wellness Experts
Support From Our
Health and Wellness Experts
Access to Content from Anywhere
Access to Content
from Anywhere
Daily Reminders to Complete Key Habits
Daily Reminders to
Complete Key Habits
High Quality Plant-Based Products
High Quality
Plant-Based Products

Easy-to-Read 21 Day Manual

Email and Phone Support

Three Refreshing Phases

Daily Meal Plan

The ELIMINATE, CLEANSE, and REVIVE program is our flagship health and wellness program. Designed by a former NFL athlete turned nutrition expert, this is a proven system that will help you create new healthy habits in a sustainable manner.

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Fernanda Mello testimonial

I recommend LYFE Fuel to my clients as a complete solution for getting more nutrient-dense foods into their diet.

It is especially beneficial for my busy clients who need the convenience and simplicity to compliment a life on the go.

Fernanda Mello
Certified Nutritionist
Chris Mogaddam testimonial

LYFE Fuel isn't just a protein that I take to stay lean and build muscle.

It is a comprehensive line of plant-based supplements that help to fuel and repair my body daily to keep me on top of my game. LYFE Fuel is a lifestyle!

Chris Mogaddam
Fitness Professional & Entreprenuer
Christian Florez testimonial

LYFE Fuel has been the best completely plant-based, nutrition company that I have ever had the privilege of trying.

I am so impressed with the quality of the products and the combination of ingredients that I would never use any other brand.

Christian Florez
Yoga Artist & Plant Based Athlete