5 Ways to Use Meal Replacement Shakes for Effective Weight Loss

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One of the best methods to help you with your weight loss journey is by taking meal replacement shakes. Not only will it help you lose weight, but it can also kickstart a healthy lifestyle. But how do you use meal replacement shakes safely and effectively?

1. Balance Out Your Diet

Before you get meal replacement shakes, read the nutrition label first. Keep in mind that the grams of protein in the shake must be either higher or equal to the amount of carbs that you need to consume. This amount of protein will prevent your blood sugar from dropping, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Short on protein? Balance it out with protein-rich foods such as egg, nuts, or a piece of turkey meat.

2. Use the Shakes as Backup

Meal replacement shakes shouldn’t be your entire “meals” for the day. Instead, they should only be used as a backup. Drink a shake during times when you’re glued to your desk and you can’t catch a break because you have a deadline to meet. That’s why it’s handy to keep a stash of shakes in your work fridge.

3. Have It as an Afternoon Snack

We all get hungry in the middle of the afternoon, and it’s so easy to grab a sinful snack because we’re starting to feel tired and stressed out with our tasks. If you want to lose weight, you should replace that sinful snack with your protein-rich shake instead. As mentioned, the right amount of protein can keep your blood sugar stable.

4. Drink It for an Energy Boost Pre-Workout

Workouts are essential to your weight loss journey, and if you want to be energized pre-workout, you can drink half of your meal replacement shake 30 minutes before you hit the gym. Then drink the rest after your workout. This will keep you from getting exhausted too early into the workout, and prevent you from binge-eating right after a workout as well.

5. Have It For Dessert

Most people crave something sweet after a meal. Curb your sweet cravings by replacing it with a protein shake. Thankfully, these shakes come in various flavors that can satisfy any of your sweet cravings.


Weight loss isn’t just about reducing your calorie intake for a certain period until you reach your goals. If you think this way, you will not be able to stay consistent with your weight and it could also be harmful to your health. Instead of thinking of reducing your calorie intake, focus on reshaping your meal plan to support habits that will lead to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

So, if you plan to use meal replacement shakes, follow the tips above to get the most out of it. Consuming the shake as one to two of your five meals will help you develop the habit of eating more meals during the day, which will help you transition into healthier food choices.

Most importantly, make sure that you’re getting the right meal replacement shakes. Get yours at Lyfe Fuel today!