Ka’Chava Vs LyfeFuel: An Honest Head-to-Head Comparison

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Ka’Chava Vs LyfeFuel: An Honest Head-to-Head Comparison

Chris Manderino
May 1, 2023

Nice to meet you, my name is Chris Manderino…

And this is one of the few 100% honest comparisons you can find on the web.

But before that, you have to know that I’m the founder of LyfeFuel.


Man Drinking Meal Replacement Shake

How can this comparison be 100% honest?

It’s simple. I’ll base it on objective facts that everyone can see on the websites of LyfeFuel and Ka’Chava. (Like ingredients, nutrition, price, etc.)

That said, instead of telling you how bad Ka’Chava is…

Let me show you my honesty by starting with:

When To Choose Ka’Chava (The Whole Body Meal) Over LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials)

Let’s start by saying both LyfeFuel and Ka’Chava are among the best products money can buy. They are both packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods that can be quite challenging to get in modern diets.

But, only one product was formulated specifically to improve metabolic health using a precise combination of nutrients that are proven to be the hardest-to-get (and absorb) from food alone.

Kachava has done a great job of showcasing the dozens of different superfoods in their product that their founder Simon Malone discovered while he struggled with the burnout of the corporate hustle.

Kuddos to Simon for bringing so much attention and awareness to what combining these superfoods into a single formula can do for our health.

I can appreciate and respect what Kachava has done because it’s a similar feat that we’ve achieved at LyfeFuel. Combining this many ingredients and nutrients into a single source of nutrition and getting it to taste amazing is certainly not easy.

At first glance, both LyfeFuel and Kachava may appear similar but there are some important subtleties between our formulations that you should know before choosing the product that’s right for your needs.

Now, let’s get into it!

If You’re Trying To Gain Weight… Ka’Chava

Gaining (lean) weight is not a bad thing. If that’s your goal, you should go for Ka’Chava.

If you already live a pretty active lifestyle and workout regularly than you may need the extra calories and carbohydrates that Ka’Chava provides to replace the carbs and calories that you burn during exercise.

Indeed, one serving of Ka’Chava contains more than double the calories of LyfeFuel, just keep in mind that a serving size of Ka’Chava is 2 scoops (60 grams) instead of one scoop (32 grams) of LyfeFuel.

Of course, you could simply 1.5x or double the serving size of LyfeFuel to get more calories and carbs but that would come at a slightly higher cost.

Take a look at the macros to see how these two products compare on a per serving basis but also per 100 grams of product for a more “apples-to-apples” comparsion of the two. (soon we’ll also analyze the nutrients and vitamins):

Ka'Chava Nutrition Facts

One serving of LyfeFuel contains 110 kcal: fat 2g, carb 5g, protein 18g.

One serving of Ka’Chava contains 240 kcal: fat 7g, carb 24g, protein 25g.

As you can see Ka’Chava has more than 3 times the fats of LyfeFuel, almost 5 times the carbs of LyfeFuel, and 7 more grams of protein per serving.

So, if you’re trying to gain weight… choose Ka’Chava.

If You Don’t Like Chocolate Or Vanilla… Ka’Chava

The philosophy of LyfeFuel is “less is more.”

We have only 2 flavors (Vanilla Chai and Chocolate) while Ka’Chava has 5 flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Coconut Acai, Chai, and Matcha).

Yes, we made our 2 flavors delicious…

But if you don’t like chocolate or vanilla, go for Ka’Chava.

Great. Now that you’ve seen when you should choose Ka’Chava over LyfeFuel, let’s see…

When You Should Choose LyfeFuel Over Ka’Chava
LyfeFuel Essentials Shake Chocolate
If You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Money… LyfeFuel

Take a look at the price of LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials) and Ka’Chava (The Whole Body Meal):

Ka'Chava Price Comparison

How can we offer almost half the price of Ka’Chava?

Simple. It’s thanks to our philosophy “less is more.” One serving of LyfeFuel is 33 grams, while Ka’Chava’s is 60 grams.

No, that does not mean you get fewer nutrients… actually, you get more nutrients from LyfeFuel than from Ka’Chava. (Below, you’ll find more info on that.)

We deleted all the fluff from LyfeFuel Daily Essentials. Every single gram of LyfeFuel is vital to “Live Your Fullest Everyday.”

The only caveat of this choice? You get 7 grams less protein than Ka’Chava…

However, you actually get more utilization from LyfeFuel because the protein is better absorbed due to sprouting of the brown rices protein making it more bioavailable. Using the complementary proteins of pea and rice, LyfeFuel provides a complete source of protein with PDCAAs of 1.0 (equivalent to what you’d find in animal protein like whey).

As a former professional athlete, I know how important protein is, but I’ve also learned that it’s not just the total amount of protein that it’s important, it’s how much you can breakdown and utilize that makes the difference.

But, protein isn’t the thing we should be focuses on here. The ultimate game changer is the level of micronutrients in LyfeFuel that you won’t find in Ka’Chava.

If You Care About Giving Your Body All It Needs… LyfeFuel

The last thing we need in our diets is more calories and more simple carbohydrates.

Oat flour, one of the primary ingredients hidden in the omega/fiber blend of Kachava has been shown to spike blood sugar really high, making it a poor choice for diabetics or anyone looking to lose weight.

Instead of more calories and simple carbs, what we really need is more nutrients; we lack vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and other key vitamins that enhance our health.

And that’s where LyfeFuel Essentials shines. It contains 27 micronutrients, many exceeding 100% of your RDI per serving!

(Don’t confuse micronutrients with superfoods. Ka’Chava claims to use 85+ superfoods, but they contribute (in part) to 26 micronutrients at insufficient levels for complete nutrition).

But the best part is that LyfeFuel gives you the nutrients that are normally lacking in everyday diets (especially vegan ones).

This is a little example of the vital nutrients you find in LyfeFuel Essentials and not in Ka’Chava:

1. COQ10

It keeps the metabolism brisk and promotes healthy skin.

2. The combination of Vitamin D3 + K2

It is vital for boosting your immune system, building strong bones, and cardiovascular health.

3. Choline

Choline is an essential nutrient that supports brain health and cognition.

If Our Planet Is In Your Heart… LyfeFuel
Healthy Family in Nature

If you care about social responsibility and protecting the environment… you should really go for LyfeFuel.

The Earth is in 1st place at LyfeFuel.

We’re investing heavily in Regenerative Agriculture, Responsible Sourcing, and Sustainable Packaging:

1. Regenerative Agriculture

It reverses climate change. It reduces carbon and improves the water cycle by restoring soil organic matter and degraded soil biodiversity.

2. Responsible Sourcing

Whether there was a choice between a “cheap multinational supplier” and a “natural family-run supplier,” we chose the second one.

3. Sustainable Packaging

This is our biggest goal. We’re making big moves towards zero-waste packaging

If You Want To Get The Friendliest Customer Support… LyfeFuel

“Their customer service is freakin awesome.” That’s what people say about our customer support.

We can’t assure you won’t find problems… but we can assure you we’ll solve them all for you.

You have nothing to worry about if you choose us.

Summary: When To Choose Lyfefuel And When To Choose Ka’Chava
Kachava Supplement Facts

Choose Ka’Chava (The Whole Body Meal) if:

  • You’re Trying To Gain Weight
  • You Don’t Like Chocolate Or Vanilla

Choose LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials) if:

  • You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Money
  • You Care About Giving Your Body All It Needs
  • Our Planet Is In Your Heart
  • You Want To Get The Friendliest Customer Support


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