LyfeFuel Vs Huel: What’s The Healthiest For You

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LyfeFuel Vs Huel: What’s The Healthiest For You


Chris Manderino
May 1, 2023

If you've been on the hunt for the healthiest meal replacement shakes, you might have seen both LyfeFuel and Huel pop up. They both provide some of the most nutritious meal shakes available on the market…

As part as part of your market research you're probably curious to know what is the healthiest meal replacement shake out there.

The truth is that there’s not one shake in particular that can claim to be the healthiest, although many try. While there are very important differences between products based on the quality of ingredients, level of micronutrients, and other important factors (like what's NOT in the shake) the best way to choose the best meal replacement shake is based on your individual needs and health goals.

That said, you're probably wondering why you should listen to me, or more importantly,

How can this comparison be 100% honest?

It’s simple. I’ll base it on objective facts that everyone can see on the websites of LyfeFuel and Huel. (Like ingredients, nutrition, price, etc.)

That said, let’s start with…

When To Choose Huel (Huel Powder) Over LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials)

You Are A Bodybuilder… Huel

Huel is aimed more at people who aim to gain some lean weight or are weight lifters trying to build muscle. While this is an important goal for almost everyone, it's not the primary health goal for everyone interested in the meal replacement powders.

Rather than being nutritionally dense like LyfeFuel… Huel offers many more calories and macros to rebuild muscles after a workout.

Take a look at the macros per serving of Huel and LyfeFuel:

Huel Powder (per serving): 400 kcal - fats 13 g - carbs 37 g - Fibers 7,5 g - Protein 30 g

LyfeFuel Daily Essentials (per serving): 110 kcal - fats 2 g - carbs 6 g - Protein 18 g

As you can see Huel has 3,6 times the calories of LyfeFuel… so if you're looking for a meal replacement shake for weight gain, it's actually a great option (if you can look past some of the not so great ingredients).

If You Don’t Like Chocolate Or Vanilla…Huel

The philosophy of LyfeFuel is “less is more.”

We have only 2 flavors (Vanilla and Chocolate) while Huel has many more flavors (Banana, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Berry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cinnamon Swirl, Mint Chocolate, Original, Unflavoured & Unsweetened).

Yes, we made our 2 flavors delicious…

But if you don’t like chocolate or vanilla, you should go for Huel.

Great. Now that you’ve seen when you should choose Huel over LyfeFuel, let’s see…

When You Should Choose LyfeFuel Over Huel

If Your Goal Is To Maintain Or Lose Weight With Ease… LyfeFuel

LyfeFuel has only 110 calories per serving… 

But don’t think you’ll be hungry after a serving. We think a “meal” should be at least 3 things — nourishing, satiating, and delicious.

And to give LyfeFuel the satiating power you need to live your day without hunger… Protein comes to rescue you. Yes, because protein keeps you fuller for longer compared to carbs or fats.

And if you prefer the “hard way,” just blend LyfeFuel with plant-based milk. People who have tried it say it keeps them full for more than 3 hours.

(Worthy to note that the Essentials’ protein blend is plant-based and created from brown rice powder and yellow pea protein. It has pre and probiotics, and digestive enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption.)

If You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Money… LyfeFuel

Take a look at the price of LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials) and Huel (Huel Powder):

How can Huel offer such low prices?

Simple, their product is full of cheap macronutrients like carbs and fats from vegetable oils and oat flours...a surefire way to destroy your metabolism, but that's a subject for another blog post.

It's not that focusing on macros is bad or wrong but it is overlooking one of the primary reasons people seek out product like these in the first place.

“The last thing we need in our diets is more calories and macros. Instead, we need more nutrients; we lack vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and other key vitamins that enhance our health.”

Filling a product with macros is easy and cheap… (and you don’t need that)

On the other hand, filling a product with essential nutrients hard to get from everyday life is hard and more expensive… (but that’s exactly what your body needs.)

If You Care About Nutrients And Vitamins… LyfeFuel

That’s where LyfeFuel Essentials shines. It contains 27 micronutrients, many exceeding 100% of your RDI per serving! (Below, you’ll find more info on that.)

LyfeFuel is founded to provide you with the fuel needed to “Live Your Fullest Every Day!” It fills the gaps in your diet and gives you all the vital nutrients your body needs to thrive…

Especially those that would normally be lacking in daily diets (especially vegan). This is a comparison of some nutrients in Huel and LyfeFuel:

As you can see, in 100 grams of Huel there aren’t even half the nutrients and vitamins you can find in LyfeFuel.

Moreover, LyfeFuel provides you with some key nutrients you cannot even find in Huel. For example:

1. COQ10

It keeps the metabolism brisk and promotes healthy skin.

2. CHOLINE + B12

It promotes brain health and a healthy nervous system.

If Our Planet Is In Your Heart… LyfeFuel

Well, if our only planet is in your heart… you should really go for LyfeFuel.

The Earth is in 1st place at LyfeFuel.

We’re investing heavily in Regenerative Agriculture, Responsible Sourcing, and Sustainable Packaging:

1. Regenerative Agriculture

It reverses climate change. It reduces carbon and improves the water cycle by restoring soil organic matter and degraded soil biodiversity.

2. Responsible Sourcing

Whether there was a choice between a “cheap multinational supplier” and a “natural family-run supplier,” we chose the second one.

3. Sustainable Packaging

This is our biggest goal. We’re making big moves towards zero-waste packaging

If You Want To Get The Friendliest Customer Support… LyfeFuel

“Their customer service is freakin awesome.” That’s what people say about our customer support.

We can’t assure you won’t find problems… but we can assure you we’ll solve them all for you.

You have nothing to worry about if you choose us.

Summary: When to choose LyfeFuel and when to choose Huel

Choose Huel (Huel Powder) if:

  • You Are A Bodybuilder
  • You Don’t Like Chocolate Or Vanilla

Choose LyfeFuel (Daily Essentials) if:

  • Your Goal Is To Maintain Or Lose Weight With Ease
  • You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Money
  • You Care About Nutrients And Vitamins
  • Our Planet Is In Your Heart
  • You Want To Get The Friendliest Customer Support


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