310 Nutrition Vs LyfeFuel: An Honest Head-to-Head Comparison

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Shake Showdown: LyfeFuel vs. 310 Nutrition Shake - Who Wins?

Chris Manderino

Aug 1, 2023

Anyone that's searched the web on a quest to find the "best meal replacement shake" has likely come across these 2 brands


LyfeFuel and 310 Nutrition.


And, considering you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering… which one is better?


Well, the truth is there’s not one shake in particular that’s the best... although many brands definitely try to claim this title.


But there is the best shake for your own needs and health goals.


That said, let’s jump into when to choose 310 Nutrition Shake and when to choose LyfeFuel Daily Essentials.


But first…

Let's get something out of the way to remove any reasons why you may be skeptical about this comparison.

Man Drinking Meal Replacement Shake

How Can This Comparison Be 100% Honest?


First of all, you have to know that I'm the founder of LyfeFuel.


But that doesn't mean this is a biased comparison…


Because we believe in transparency and empowering individuals to make informed choices, I’ll base it on objective facts that everyone can see on the websites of LyfeFuel and 310 Nutrition. (Like ingredients, nutrition, price, etc.)


Like you, I understand how difficult it can be to choose the right product in this crowded landscape and want to help you make the most informed decision for your health.


When To Choose 310 Nutrition Shake Over LyfeFuel Daily Essentials

If You Absolutely Want To Avoid Sugars… 310 Nutrition Shake


Both shakes have some of the lowest levels of carbohydrates on the market.


But there’s only one shake that has 0 (ZERO) sugar in it…


To find that out, let’s take a look at the macros (soon we’ll also analyze the nutrients and vitamins):

Kachava Nutrition Facts

As you can see… both the 310 nutrition shakes and LyfeFuel have just 6 grams of Carbs per serving… but 310 Nutrition Shake wins in the sugar category;


310 Nutrition Shake uses stevia so it can claim that it has 0 (ZERO) sugars…


… while LyfeFuel has 3 grams of sugar (coconut sugar).


3 grams of sugar won’t make any difference at all (in terms of health)… but if you prefer a shake with 0 sugar and don’t mind a strong stevia aftertaste, go for 310 Nutrition Shake.

If You Don’t Like Chocolate Or Vanilla… 310 Nutrition Shake

The philosophy of LyfeFuel is “less is more.”


That’s why we have only 2 flavors (Vanilla and Chocolate)... and we made them as tasty as possible.


People describe our taste as “I can taste the super-greens, but somehow it’s also quite delicious.”


But you may not like Vanilla or Chocolate.


If that’s the case, go for 310 Nutrition Shake. They offer many more flavor options — such as Lemon Cake, Mocha, Strawberry, Caramel etc.


Oh, quick advice; hearing people who “have tried them all”… the best flavor for 310 Nutrition Shake is Caramel…


… and the best flavor for LyfeFuel is Chocolate.


Moving Onward.


Let’s now consider…

When You Should Choose LyfeFuel Over 310 Nutrition Shake

When it comes to choosing between LyfeFuel and 310 Nutrition Shake, there are specific scenarios where LyfeFuel emerges as the clear winner.


Our team of experts has meticulously crafted a formula that combines high-quality plant-based proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, and beneficial superfoods.


Whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, or simply aiming for a balanced diet, LyfeFuel offers the complete range of nutrients your body craves.


Now, let’s see how our approach to delivering complete nutrition compares to 310.


If You Care About Nutrients And Vitamins… Choose LyfeFuel

LyfeFuel Essentials Nutrition Shake

This is where LyfeFuel shines…


Because we created it to enhance your health thanks to vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that diets usually lack (especially vegan and vegetarian diets).


And considering both LyfeFuel and 310 Shakes are plant-based, this becomes an even more important point of consideration.


Let’s take a look at a comparison of some nutrients in 310 Nutrition and LyfeFuel:


Kachava Supplement Facts

As you can see... in a scoop of 310 Nutrition there aren’t even half the nutrients and vitamins you get from LyfeFuel.


If You Care About Your Brain Health… LyfeFuel

One of the things people love the most about LyfeFuel is our “Brain Health” combination.


Indeed… in LyfeFuel Essentials… you find Choline and a generous amount of vitamin B12.


“Choline has a critical role in neurotransmitter function… and can ameliorate memory impairment” — National Institutes of Health.


“Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to impaired cognition and memory along with a sensation of tingling and numbness” — National Institutes of Health.




With a scoop of LyfeFuel Daily Essential, you also get the “Bone Health” combination, Vitamin D3 and K2…


And COQ10 to keep your metabolism brisk and promote your skin’s health.


You won’t find any of these functional nutrient synergies present in 310 shakes…just isolated amounts of random nutrients that most of us already get enough of through food.

If Our Planet Is In Your Heart… LyfeFuel

Well, if our only planet is in your heart… you should really go for LyfeFuel.


The Earth is in 1st place at LyfeFuel.


We’re investing heavily in Regenerative Agriculture, Responsible Sourcing, and Sustainable Packaging:


Regenerative Agriculture

It reverses climate change. It reduces carbon and improves the water cycle by restoring soil organic matter and degraded soil biodiversity.


Responsible Sourcing

Whether there was a choice between a “cheap multinational supplier” and a “natural family-run supplier,” we chose the second one.


Sustainable Packaging

This is our biggest goal. We’re making big moves towards zero-waste packaging

If You Want To Get The Friendliest Customer Support… LyfeFuel

“Their customer service is freakin awesome.” That’s what people say about our customer support.


We can’t assure you won’t find problems… but we can assure you we’ll solve them all for you.


You have nothing to worry about if you choose us.

What about the price?

Well, despite LyfeFuel objectively giving you many more nutrients… its price is even slightly lower than the one of 310 Nutrition Shake.


When it comes to maximizing the value of your hard-earned money while prioritizing your nutritional needs, LyfeFuel emerges as the clear champion.


We understand the importance of stretching your dollars without compromising on quality, and that's precisely why LyfeFuel outshines the competition in delivering more nutrition for your money.

Ka'Chava Cheaper Alternative


When To Choose 310 Nutrition Shake Over LyfeFuel Daily Essentials


Choose 310 Nutrition Shake if:

  • You Absolutely Want To Avoid Sugars
  • You Don’t Like Chocolate Or Vanilla
  • Don’t Mind a Strong Stevia Taste

Choose LyfeFuel Daily Essentials if:

  • You Care About Nutrients And Vitamins
  • You Care About Your Brain Health
  • You Wanna Get The Best Bang for Your Buck
  • Our Planet Is In Your Heart
  • You Want To Get The Friendliest Customer Support
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