3 Reasons to Start Drinking Protein Shakes Before Bed

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Among all the different nutrients and ingredients that your body takes in, nothing else could possibly be more essential than the macronutrients you fuel yourself with, such as protein.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain muscle, protein should definitely be a regular part of your diet. Mostly concerned and associated with muscle growth, this essential macronutrient is connected to a wide range of desired outcomes and key benefits that span from improved health to increased athletic performance.

What makes protein so special is not only its key role in the body’s functions but also the fact that there are so many diverse ways to consume it. From egged-up breakfast meals to intra-workout supplementation, the different ways to consume protein and for supplementation are nearly endless. While each method and style of consumption comes with its own list of pros and cons, however, having protein shakes before bed has become a debated topic in recent years, with many seeking clear cut answers every time!

Why you should start drinking your protein shakes

Beyond being the stuff of fitness lore and an optimist’s dream, the truth about consuming protein shakes before bed is that it isn’t just some institutional practice because it’s far more beneficial than one may expect! If you want to keep your health intact, here are three reasons you should start drinking protein shakes before bed:

1. It is a surefire way to bump up muscle growth to desired levels

When it comes to gaining muscle, protein (aside from hard work) is the catalyst for real, tangible results, especially when it’s consumed in shake-form before bedtime!

The idea of taking in an extra dose of the macronutrient before sleeping is one that many have alluded to as the foundation of results. It has been shown to be quite beneficial for muscle growth because it helps keep everything consistent by supplementing your body with a boost for increased muscle protein synthesis during a low period of stimulation for growth!

2. It helps facilitate weight loss even as you sleep

Beyond muscle growth, another reason drinking protein before bed is such a beneficial practice is that it has a significant effect on the body’s ability to lose weight as well!

While it may be no secret that protein shakes (or protein, in general) are a surefire way to lose weight, taking it before bed is especially beneficial because it gives the body an increase in metabolism. Additionally, this practice is helpful for most people because of its ability to prevent hunger pangs, making it easier to stay disciplined and on-track with effectively losing weigh!

3. It is a great way to improve your sleep

One key benefit of consuming protein before bedtime that many people overlook is that it works wonders for the quality of sleep that you’ll be getting. When consumed with a minimal amount of carbohydrates, an extra serving of protein before bed can boost the amino acid L-tryptophan for an increased uptake, which is a process that has been linked to improved sleep quality and quicker sleeping times!


Beyond being a great way to boost muscle growth and athletic performance, protein shakes are also a great way to improve your sleep, keep the fat furnace burning, and improve your health. You can easily gain all these benefits, especially if they’re taken before bed!

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