what to pack to keep healthy while traveling

living a healthy life ON THE GO:
our top 7 travel tips & packing list

Don't skip a beat with your health routine even when you're Jet-setting around the globe.  Implement these tips to beat jet-lag and make the most of your globetrotting adventures.

Vacation vibes throwing off your game? We get it. Travel often derails the most committed wellness junkies around. All of us need a break from our work/life routines but, does being without your diet and fitness regime kill your chill? As the old adage says “failing to prepare is preparing to fail…”

Here’s our packing list & tips for LYFE on the road (or waves, or air)..

1) boost your immune system

Sometimes there’s nothing more stressful than traveling - the business of airports, running to the gate, time-changes & jet lag can all wreak havoc on your internal calm and make it difficult to settle into vacation mode.  Combine that with the worst processed and sugary food that airports and planes are notorious for, and you've got a recipe for disaster. 

Travel adds to your allostatic load (the stresses of life). The physical, emotional and environmental stress that travels add to our already “busy” lives leaves us vulnerable to a lowered immune system function. On the court, in the boardroom or at home, protecting our immune system should be a priority. Otherwise, a suppressed immune system slows us down and prevents us from performing our best.  Keeping your vitamin intake high is  crucial while you’re traveling.  Take LYFE Fuel on the road to make sure you’re getting your necessary daily Essentials whether you're stuck in an airport or waiting for your friends to get out of bed to go explore the city, the Essentials is a life saver when you're in a pinch and need a healthy boost. Stuck in a blender-less hotel room? Stick our Shaker Bottle in your luggage too!

Bonus Tip: Meditate for 10 minutes at some point after your flight. This will naturally boost glutathione— an antioxidant that supports a strong immune system. 

2) first aid kit

Ditch the Pepto & Immodium. Cover your bases with the right kinds of supplements.  Here's a list of our favorites: .

The natural gas-x, also helps to capture & detox all that unwanted “stuff” in our digestive tract.
Don’t travel without it! Helps stop nausea dead in its tracks! Ginger tea, Ginger chews, ginger pills all work great when you’re feeling not so hot!
This is like a secret weapon when your allostatic load is higher than normal. RESTORE is a blend of adaptogens that have a unique feature to energize and calm you at the same time all without stimulation. One standout adaptogen in RESTORE is ashwagandha. It’s ability to help you manage to stress outperform most of all other adaptogens. What does this mean? When you travel you have higher levels of stress which if left elevated can cause irritability, impaired cognition and you’ll be less sensitive to insulin (you’re body stores fat easier). Lastly, chronically elevated cortisol levels are associated with anxiety, so by using RESTORE you can naturally re-regulate cortisol levels which can help manage anxiety in a much more effective way.
Lloaded with curcumin (the active ingredient from turmeric), black pepper to enhance bioavailability, and omega 3s to deliver an all natural anti-inflammatory & immunity booster. Because no one wants to get sick when they’re away from home.
Did you know that you're exposed to higher levels of radiation from solar flares when flying?  Solar flares release electromagnetic radiation including X-rays and radio waves that travel at the speed of light.  No wonder you're so exhausted after all that time in the sky!  Antioxidants can help to prevent the free radical damage that may occur while traveling which is why Protect is one of our favorite go-to supplements for travel! In addition to keeping you safe from the sun's rays, it also provides a natural energy boost, which helps ward off that jet lag! Taking 2 capsules before drinking and 2 upon waking are also an amazing way to offset the painful aftermath of those pool-side cocktails.  

3) healthy snacks

Nuts and Bars travel well! Stick them in your bag and bring them with you for the day.  Just make sure you read the labels and steer clear from any that have a lot of sugar.  Even the "all natural" bars can be loaded with fructose from Agave or dried fruit, which acts more like a candy bar than a healthy snack. You can usually find fresh fruit- stock your hotel room with things like apples, bananas, oranges— and other easily portable, no refrigeration (or knife) necessary fruit.

4) stay hydrated!

Airplanes circulate air within the cabin about every 2 minutes. This makes oxygen available. But the quality of air isn’t that good. This causes dehydration. In fact, on average, the cabin drops below 6% humidity (we’re most comfortable at 50%). This can lower performance in the gym, cause dry lips, itchy eyes and lower immune system function. So you want to drink more water than usual. Aim for at least 3/4 of your body weight in ounces of water per day while you’re traveling. 

5) move your body

 Contrary to what you might feel like doing when you land, exercise should be a priority as soon as you touch down. I’m not talking about a two-hour session trying to PR your Deadlift. JUST MOVE. Why? Exercise increases GABA in the brain. Meaning, when we move after sitting for so long, we produce neurotransmitters that help us feel calm, centered and relaxed. This helps us be more mindful throughout they day but also helps us re-regulate our sleep pattern at night which is very important when you’re traveling across different time zones. 

6) bust out the blue blockers

Your circadian rhythms are going to get plummeted with heavy travel. This causes a disruption in your natural production of melatonin — the hormone that makes you sleepy. To re-regulate this natural rhythm, wear blue-light blocking glasses to prevent any junk light from further damage to your sleep pattern. About 90–120 minutes before bed, wear these glasses to help you establish a baseline sleeping pattern. 

Bonus Tip: You don't have to look like a dweeb.  Instead scoop up some fashion-forward blue light blocking glasses from Carbonshade...if you can get your hands on some that is.  Their Kickstarter campaign sold out! 


This plant based protein and superfood powder is our go-to post-workout drink. It has an impressive nutrient profile while packing 25g of plant-based protein powder per serving for muscle recovery and repair. But, the thing welove most is the fact that it contains spirulina because the active ingredient in this blue-green algae — phycocyanin — fights free radical production and inhibits the production inflammatory signaling molecules. Since there is research showing relation to heavy travel and increased inflammation (from disrupted circadian rhythms), a daily recovery shake is a practical way to help your body and brain stay healthy and primed for peak performance. 

So there you have it!  Our top 7 tips to stay energized, boost immunity, and keep up your routine while traveling to ensure you get the most out of your holiday and fully enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation.  

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