lyfe fuel mission
Our Vision

We’ve always been passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle and have continually sought ways to optimize our performance, happiness, and wellbeing. Our belief is that maximizing human potential begins from within and can be achieved by restoring balance to the body through proper diet and nutrition. We founded LYFE Fuel as a way to share our passion for health, travel and adventure with the world and to make health more attainable and accessible for all. It is our goal to inspire and empower others to “Live Your Fullest Everyday” through a line of high-quality, responsibly made, plant-based products that make it easy to live optimally and kick ass at LYFE!

Our ‘Y’

“Our lives are like a tree, In the beginning of a tree’s life it develops roots to gain a foothold in the terra firma and relies on the elements as it attempts to grow tall and mighty. As it slowly matures, it must cope with harsh winters, dry summers, lightning strikes, forest fires, floods, high winds, insects and rodents just to name a few. Eventually, it becomes a strong and lovely specie that can endure most any hardship with ease as it lives out its long and fruitful life. So, a tree, just like me will only survive if it is fit, unwavering and lucky enough to have all it needs for a long and healthy life.” – James Filbird

Like a tree, prosperity as humans requires the proper fuel, hydration, and nutrients our body needs on a daily basis. The foundation for optimal human health is rooted in our diet and nutrition, which determines the way our bodies function, which in turn blossoms into how we think, act, and feel. A symbol of life and positivity, the tree of LYFE is representative of the mission, vision, and values that serve as the guiding principals for our company.

The extended arms in the shape of a tree are symbolic of why we do what we do. While making great products is central to our success, just as important is the impact we make on driving social change and giving back to make the world a better place. The meaning behind this symbol is what drives us as we strive to create products and build a company that contribute to purpose and happiness, living optimally, and making a social impact. As the outstretched arms demonstrate, giving is central to our culture and is the purpose that guides us on the QUESST to “Live Your Fullest Everyday”.

Our Q.U.E.S.S.T.
  • QUALITY: High Standards. We use only the highest quality ingredients from all-natural sources to produce the best products on the market.
  • UNITY: Building a Community. We strive to unite people through a shared passion for health and wellness to collaborate, connect and make an impact.
  • EFFICACY: Rooted in Science. Because it’s not just what you consume that matters, but what your body absorbs that makes the difference.
  • SYNERGY: Results Focused. Nutrition is complicated. LYFE makes it easy through comprehensive formulations that work just as nature intended.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Conscious Commerce. Doing our part to make the world a better place by reducing our ecological impact throughout the entire value chain.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Building trust through Integrity and Honesty. Purposeful decision making that is consistent with our mission, vision and values.
Founder Story

While playing professional football in the NFL, LYFE founder Chris Manderino was required to constantly put on weight to compete at a high level. Amassing more than 40 pounds of excess weight was not a pleasant experience.

After the NFL, Manderino pursued an opportunity to live abroad while playing football in Italy. Manderino was struck by the vast cultural chasm between the Italian approach to food and the American approach. Italians, even with all the pizza, pasta, downtime and copious desserts, seemed a much healthier population than the US. Manderino boiled it down to this striking difference: in Italy, food was simpler. The Italians used higher quality, mostly plant-based ingredients and had smaller portion sizes.

That revelation inspired a career change, and Manderino took a job in the nutraceutical industry. He began to study dietary and training theories, and while most nutritionists and food experts disagreed on just about everything else, there was one thing everyone seemed to agree on: eating a plant-based diet is the most important thing you can do for your health.

On further study, Manderino realized that plant-based diets are also critical to the future of humanity. With population growth set to explode, land and natural resources per capita are dwindling. Transitioning to a plant-based diet is better for humans, but it’s also better for the planet.

To his surprise, Manderino found that even those who have made the transition to a plant-based diet have it no simpler: with the transition to veganism going mainstream, the choices are now as complex as ever, and there’s no evidence that all those “organic” products are any healthier or of higher quality than traditional crops.

Using this knowledge, Manderino co-founded LYFE Fuel. Every aspect of LYFE is backed by science, right down to the amounts of each ingredient. Instead of simply throwing healthy ingredients together, LYFE’s products are engineered with the specific purpose of aiding absorption to make sure the body receives the full benefits of each and every life-sustaining nutrient. With a vision to become a leader in personalized nutrition, LYFE has launched with The Daily Essentials Shake, essentially combining 8 products into one delicious powder. It’s nutrition, simplified