Our Mission

To inspire and empower change toward a healthier future by producing the most nutrient-dense products on the planet; created by nature, rooted in science, and designed for modern lifestyles.

Why LYFE Fuel?

LYFE Fuel is for those seeking to optimize life, enhance their health, and amplify performance through real, whole food, plant-based nutrition. If you view wellness as a long-term lifestyle and value the importance of proper nutrition, you've come to the right place.

Our belief is that maximizing human potential begins from within. That all starts with harnessing the incredible nutritional power of mother nature to development the best products on the planet.

Founded on three core principles of quality, efficacy, and sustainability, we provide the fuel you need to "Live Your Fullest Every Day!"

You Deserve Better

In a perfect world, everyone would eat real, high quality, nutritious foods. But that just isn't the case today. Without trading health for convenience, LYFE Fuel empowers you to increase healthspan while meeting the demands of your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. The majority of the food we eat today would be unrecognizable by our ancestors. It's highly processed and lacks nutritional density.

Sadly, the same holds true for many of the "health foods" we turn to for convenience. We're here to change that. There's no shortage of shakes, bars, and pills out there that you could choose from, but how do you know if they're actually healthy? Do you recognize all the ingredients? Do you trust that the highly refined "natural" sugars and sugar alcohols being used are harmless? Do you have any idea where the ingredients come from or what is in that "proprietary blend"? These are the questions you should be asking but rarely do because you simply don't have time. That's where we come in.

We've done all the intensive supply chain analysis, ingredient quality testing, and nutritional research so that you don't have to. We refuse to use sketchy ingredients, animal products, chemical processing, and anything else that doesn't promote health in our products. When it comes to quality, we have one singualr focus and goal. To provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you're providing your body with what it deserves: the absolute best nutrition on the planet.

Our Core Values

Like a thousand year-old old oak or giant sequoia that has withstood the hardships of brutal climate changes to survive and thrive, prosperity as humans requires proper fuel, hydration, and nutrients to overcome life's challenges. A symbol of strength and vitality, the tree of LYFE is representative of the mission, vision, and values that serve as the guiding principals for our company.


We believe that natural is better than synthetic. Unlike most supplements, we turn to nature to harness the nourishing, healing, and performance properties of plants. That means no whey, no collagen, and no chemical-based extraction processes. Just pure wholesome goodness in its most natural and nutrient-dense form. Responsibly harvested and gently processed to preserve nutrient quality and increase bioavailability.

LYFE Fuel products are manufactured in the USA at an FDA-certified GMP facility. We test every batch of raw materials for microbials, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals before they ever get used in a product. If they don't pass, we don't use them. Period. Additionally, final product testing is performed to ensure the end product meets the highest standards for purity and safety. The result of this meticulous effort is products that are truly best in class and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our products are formulated using clinically studied ingredients and next-gen nutritional science to address some of today's biggest health challenges. We invest in more than just trendy buzzwords. We prioritize nutrient quality for results you can see and feel. Taking a results-first approach and working backwards means that we start with an end goal in mind so that you feel the products working, just as nature intended. Our process is supported by scientific literature and clinical nutrition science, not just fleeting trends and dietary fads. It's this commitment to evidence-based nutrition that has garnered the support from some the world's top medical professionals and thought leaders that have helped to champion the plant-based movement forward. A whole food plant-based diet is no longer reserved to hippy veganism. It's an essential lifestyle shift for anyone looking to achieve and maintain optimal health and performance.


As the plant-based movement moves further into mainstream culture, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. It's pretty easy to slap an organic or vegan label on something to capitalize on the upswing of growth, but simply green-washing products doesn't contribute to a healthier planet. We have a different mission. Our goal is to achieve zero waste across the entire supply chain. This is a pretty ambitious undertaking, but we're determined to achieve it.

The first step toward this goal was committing to be strictly plant-based. Plant-based proteins require significantly less resources to produce than animal-based proteins, making them both better for you health and the planet. The second initiative was making the move away from plastic tubs to instead use flexible packaging. This helped to significantly reduce our carbon footprint but it still wasn't good enough. In 2019, we'll be rolling out Zero Waste home compostable packaging to replace our recyclable pouches. This is a huge leap forward in sustainable packaging and a key milestone in our brief company history. We're proud to help lead the charge for waste reduction and do our part to encourage conscious consumerism. With your help, we'll be able to replace the plastic scoops with a biodegradable alternative and ultimately reach our zero waste goal. But we're not stopping there!

What's next? Over the coming months and years, we'll continue to make strides toward our goal of 100% zero waste and look for ways to reduce our footprint throughout the entire value chain. Such initiatives include using fermentation tanks instead of arable land for protein production and moving beyond organic farming to align with farmers who practice regenerative farming practices. We'll continue to seek out manufacturing, logistics, and retail partners that have also made the commitment to integrate sustainability measures into their business and seek out partners whose values are mutually aligned with our vision for the future.