5 Vegan Dairy-Free Probiotic Food You Should Try

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The human body is a host to around 100 trillion microorganisms. That many! Out of these trillion bacteria, only about 500 species are good bacteria. To keep your body balanced, you need to infuse enough probiotics in your diet.

Regular intake of probiotics in the right amount can help improve your overall health. Good bacteria assist in proper digestion, contribute to detox, help regulate blood sugar levels, improve your mood, and more. Other advantages depend on the health benefits of the food or drink you get the probiotics from.

Some consider veganism as a limiting lifestyle. Similar to protein, people say it is difficult to source out probiotics. Mostly because the source of the popular probiotics is often dairy products. If you think probiotics can only be derived from yogurt, cheese, and kefir, think again. Probiotics can also be found in non-dairy sources, such as the following fermented vegetables and healthy drink:


Kombucha is a sweetened black or green tea that is added with yeast and sugar. It is a fermented drink that came from China or Japan and was consumed for a thousand years. People also call it the “mushroom tea” because, during the fermentation process, the bacteria and yeast in the drink form a mushroom-like film on the top. It is called the symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast, also known as the SCOBY.


If you have eaten in a Korean restaurant, you might have noticed a strong-smelling side dish that comes along with other dishes. This red, spicy, fermented cabbage filled with different spices is also a great source of probiotics. Kimchi is a traditional dish in Korea that you can purchase in most Asian groceries. Besides containing healthy bacteria, this dish also helps lower your cholesterol levels. It also contains selenium that helps your body produce radiant skin and shiny hair and prevent wrinkles.


Another fermented cabbage dish that is rich in probiotics is sauerkraut. It is a dish that helps improve your digestion and boosts your immune system. It is an old-time favorite food you can add to your sandwiches, salads, or wraps. One study showed that regular eating of sauerkraut could help reduce irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Fermented soy products

Miso, natto, and tempeh are all examples of fermented soy foods. Choosing the fermented soy vs processed soy helps you reap more of the soy benefits. They are safer soy products that have many health advantages. Soy products have been a popular Asian food and are now getting more popular in the West. When making miso soup, do not use too hot water because can kill the good bacteria.


Pickles refer to the cucumber soaked in a solution of brine, vinegar, and other spices, and then left to ferment in a long time. They turn into a crunchy, sweet, sour, and salty snack. Cucumbers are already high in antioxidants, but fermenting them creates more good bacteria that can help improve your gut health.


There is always a healthier alternative to feel better and fuel your body better. If you are a vegan who wants to add more good bacteria to your diet, don’t forget to include our recommendations above to your grocery list. Now, you have healthier food options that could give your body, specifically your gut, more health benefits.

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