Why a whole food plant-based diet is the ultimate game changer

An Insider's Look at the 21-Day LYFE Transformation Program: A Holistic Approach to Health

As an NFL fullback, Chris Manderino knew how to bulk up, but it wasn’t until he left the U.S. to play football in Italy that he realized he may have been trading long-term wellness for short-term strength and size. “In Italy, I noticed that there was a different mindset to food and fitness than what exists in the U.S.,” says Manderino. “Food is fresh and simple. People don’t seem to have the same chronic illnesses and obesity rates you see in the U.S.”

After returning to the U.S., he studied functional nutrition and plant-based medicine, reinforcing his new perspective. “I started focusing on what was fueling me in a positive way,” he says. “I wanted to distill that high-level science down into products and services that people could use easily to get the same benefits I experienced.” That vision became a reality with the launch of the LYFEfuel 21-Day Transformation Program.


The transformation program is built around three core principles: reduce the inflammatory foods and substances in your diet, eliminate processed foods, and fuel your body with wholesome nutrition that largely comes from plant-based foods. Layer in small changes to your day-to-day routine, and you have a holistic lifestyle program that improves your health, has a positive impact on your family, and is good for the planet.

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“When you sit down to eat or purchase a product, we want you to consider how it fits with what you want to see in the world,” Manderino says. “You’re consuming consciously and making informed decisions. On the transformation program, you get core nutrients you’re typically not getting in the standard American diet. It’s a proactive and preventative approach to wellness that replaces strict dietary regimens with a framework for eating to fuel the life that you want to live.”


More healthy lifestyle program than diet, LYFE Fuel requires you to break free of the “perfect diet” construct. “Keto is all the rage, then veganism or paleo,” says Manderino. “It’s constantly changing and evolving, but the honest truth is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting and nutrition. There is, however, a core set of principles that one can follow to get the results they seek. Taking a restricted, reductionist approach to nutrition simply doesn’t work. It’s really about day-to-day lifestyle choices that determine the results you get. The perfect diet is the one that makes you feel the best.”


Three phases take you from dependence on inflammatory, processed, and low-nutrition foods to a healthy state of balance that includes holistic lifestyle practices and nutrient-dense whole foods. An initial, five-day elimination phase cleanses your body of toxins by removing refined carbs, processed foods, industrialized meats and dairy, alcohol, soda, and caffeine from your diet. Meals are built around a healthy food list, and an easy-prep Essentials Shake replaces two meals a day to ensure you get the core nutrients that are nearly impossible to get through food alone. You can add a Recovery Shake to take after the gym for additional protein and superfoods that maintain or build lean muscle and help you bounce back more quickly after a workout.

Super Omega and Super Probiotic supplements deliver essential brain- and gut-boosting nutrients, which are both critical components to overall health and wellness. After all, a healthy mindset is necessary for making real change, and it’s been said that true health starts in the gut. Speaking of change, things are always a little easier with a little help from your friends, which you’ll gain through coaching, program guides, and an online community to support your journey.

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Phase two allows your body to hit the reset button with a 10-day deep cleanse. Each day, you add a healthy habit, like walking or meditation to your daily routine. “This is the core of the program,” says Manderino. “You’ll start to feel elevated and gain clarity. Your sleep improves, and if you’re measuring pounds, they’ll start to fall off.”

During the final five days, foods you were eating before are reintroduced, but in a healthy state. Processed sugars are replaced with natural sugars from fruits, and vegetables and alternative protein sources replace industrialized and heavily processed red meats, chicken, and pork.


While most people start the program with a desire to lose weight or address a health condition through dietary and lifestyle interventions, the core principles apply to a broader range of goals. “You might be an athlete transitioning to a plant-based diet as a better fuel source. It’s about intuitive eating and knowing when you’ve had enough,” says Manderino. “If you want to take it to another level with keto or vegan, you have the foundation to do so. Our program helps make that transition to a plant-based diet and lifestyle a lot easier and provides the fundamentals you’ll need for long-term health, no matter what food tribe you ascribe to.”


Manderino emphasizes that the transformation program is no quick fix, but a holistic approach that requires a true lifestyle shift. “People start to feel amazing,” he says. “You realize it isn’t that difficult. You’re in the groove, know what your body needs, and see that it’s a sustainable lifestyle choice for you and your family.”

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Long-term success stories aren’t hard to find. “My husband and I went cold turkey,” says Lisa Stewart. “It took a few days to adjust, but the approved foods list made it super simple to plan our meals. The program taught us to be more thoughtful regarding what we eat instead of reaching for what is quick.”

Coaching and flexibility were key for Denise Bravo. “If I was confused, LYFE coaches guided me through the process,” she says. “I liked the lifestyle-program approach and flexibility to adapt the program to your personal health and fitness goals rather than the highly restrictive diets I've tried in the past that were totally unsustainable.”

Taking a holistic approach to healthy living is both easier and more sustainable than trying to follow the latest fad diet. You’ll learn the habits of healthy eating and, most importantly, feel better throughout the day. If you’re ready to make the change, LYFE is an excellent way to get started on the right path.

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Written by Ann Gibson for Matcha in partnership with Lyfe Fuel.


Check out our LYFE Transformation Program.  It has everything you need to restore balance to the body using real, whole foods and targeted supplementation.



Check out our LYFE Transformation Program.  It has everything you need to restore balance to the body using real, whole foods and targeted supplementation.



If you've ever wished you knew exactly what foods to eat that would fill you with energy, help you lose weight effortlessly, and align with your specific lifestyle and health goals, the 21-Day LYFE Transformation program is for you.  It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle!