Essentials Shake - 2 Pack + Free Transformation Program

Essentials Shake (2-Pack) Bundle LYFE Fuel Vanilla Chai
Essentials Shake (2-Pack) Bundle LYFE Fuel 1 Vanilla + 1 Chocolate
Essentials Shake (2-Pack) Bundle LYFE Fuel Chocolate

If there's only one thing you do for your health, this is it. It's precision nutrition made incredibly simple.

Nourish your body, control cravings, and fuel your active & busy lifestyle with the all-in-one Essentials shake. It is exactly what a whole food plant-based meal should be - nutritious and delicious! Providing the exact combination of vitamins, minerals, greens and fiber lacking in most diets, it fills the gaps to ensure you're getting your daily dose of wellness in every scoop.