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Thomas Kinder

CEO, Head-Aid


As a senior healthcare executive and entrepreneur, Tom consistently strives to develop and advise ventures that seek to address some of the most pressing health challenges to help the people they touch live happier, healthier lives.

With combined experience of over 30 years in healthcare and consumer products, Mr. Kinder successfully delivers programs and services, designed and tailored to meet the needs of the practice, patient and the consumer. He combines his experiences in medical devices, health and wellness software, physician training and targeted medical nutrition to create businesses that deliver value.

His experience in large, multi national corporations as well as start-ups, has enabled him to enjoy many successful commercial launches.  Most recently, he has executed the build up and exit in a health and wellness software as service (SAS) enterprise that was adopted by companies like, Atkins, Curves and Philips Healthcare. Prior to that, he launched a “garage” start-up in targeted medical nutrition to address the patient nutritional needs in obesity that earned a market share of over 90% in the US and could be purchased in over 22 countries outside the the US, spanning 4 continents.

Tom maintains an active and healthy lifestyle by making exercise and eating healthy part of his daily routine.  As a former collegiate quarterback at the University of Wyoming, Tom has a passion for football and is actively involved with the athletic and academic pursuits of his two boys Adam and Cole.