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Sara Banta

Founder of Accelerated Health Products & Holistic Health Coach

Sara is a holistic Health Coach located in Newport Beach, CA.  In 2016, Sara graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Invincible Wellness System. She completed her undergraduate studies at Stanford University with a degree in Economics and Psychology in 1998. More importantly, she is a mother of three children and has had the opportunity to solve a broad spectrum of health issues affecting every member of her family. As a result, for the past 10 years, she has been in search of alternative solutions.

Sara’s journey in health has lead her to more formal and informal self-education in nutrition, Ayurveda, Chinese Herbology, fitness nutrition and supplements. She believes that when you give the body the opportunity, through detoxification and rebuilding, it will heal itself. The more Sara learns, the more she is eager to deepen her understanding of health and share it with her clientele.

Sara has a wealth of experience using alternative therapies to successfully help with a variety of health issues.  All of the issues she has treated with herself, her family, and her clientele, has led her to find technologically advanced and natural solutions for improving health and wellness. Over the years, Sara has realized you cannot treat just symptoms, but have to treat the source of the problem. Everything she promotes, she has had the opportunity to use within her treatments which provides her with trust and confidence that she proudly stands behind.

Sara’s goal is to provide natural and innovative solutions to families for their health and nutritional needs, that will help people live with more energy and to experience a better quality of LYFE!

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