fernanda mello lyfe fuel expert
Fernanda Mello

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach

Fernanda Mello is a nutritionist, certified Health Coach, and certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition based in Orange County, California. Fernanda has been working as a wellness expert for the past 10 years, coaching people on how to optimize their overall health, relationship with food and with themselves.

Fernanda is extremely passionate about healthy cooking and science nutrition, as she combines both passions into her blog and personalized cooking for her clients and friends. She believes that a healthy LYFEstyle is not only achieved by food choices, but mainly through helping people to find their own path and light through self- awareness, self-care, and health consciousness.

Fernanda is also a recipe developer and a food blogger. She regularly writes about her food experiences both in English and Portuguese (her native language) to inspire people to cook more and get in touch with real and tasty food. She also coaches many people from Brazil as well as the US via online consultations or in person sessions.

When she’s not busy educating clients about proper nutrition, Fernanda pursues many activities with two of her favorite passions being surfing and jiu jitsu.  Fernanda loves the simplicity that LYFE Fuel’s products provide for her active and busy LYFEstyle, making it very easy to get her nutrition in no matter how busy she is.

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