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Arya Early Hawkins

Ayurvedic Health Practitioner

In sanskrit, his name is आर्य (ārya). Arya helps people create the optimal healthy environment using a variety of natural therapies, like diet, dietary practices, herbs, योग (yoga), meditation, lifestyle, aroma therapy, sound therapy, body therapy, color therapy, detoxification and more. He is a certified Āyurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist and licensed owner of the business that is also named आर्य (ārya).

To Arya, आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) is more than a healing arts practice, it is a hobby and an adventure.  He decided to practice आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) after learning that the meaning of his birth name, आर्य (ārya) [Arya], is a संस्कृत (saṁskṛta) [Sanskrit] word inherent in आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) and योग (yoga). The link between his name and आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) is apparently a coincidence, because his parents were not aware of आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) when they named him and he was named after his maternal grandmother, āryan. Prior to his extensive education in these sciences, Arya already enjoyed practicing योग (yoga), gardening, food, and exploring nature. When he learned that आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) is composed of the activities he already loved, he realized this is it and began studying and practicing आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) full time.

Arya is passionate about what he does and grateful to be able to do it. आयुर्वेद (āyurveda) allows him the peace of mind to do what he loves and to help others do what they love in good health and well being, naturally.