How the Program Works…

Ambassadors are a select group of health and fitness junkies who want to promote LYFE Fuel at local community events like yoga retreats, charity runs & rides, fitness expos, and more. They share our passion for an active healthy lifestyle, inspire and positively influence others, and are the epitome of what it means to “Live Your Fullest Everyday.” If selected, we’ll cover application fees for approved events, provide you with some cool LYFESTYLE gear to wear, awesome swag to give away, and showcase you on our website.

How Are Ambassadors Selected?

We choose Ambassadors based on regional and local needs. If your event fills a need, we’ll follow up with a call to discuss specifics. After that, it usually takes us between 1-3 weeks to make a decision and send out promotional material, so make sure you apply well in advance of any event.

What Types of Events I can Apply to Attend?

We trust that ambassadors know what’s best in their area, and can apply for any health related event, big or small.

What is Provided?

It varies by the type of event. We’ll always cover the cost to participate in addition to sending you promotional material, signage, and anything else needed to make the event a success.

What is LYFE Looking for in an Ambassador?

We’re looking for health and fitness enthusiasts who love using LYFE Fuel products and can help share our mission with their community. We love people who are passionate about what they do and enjoy telling their story!

Can I Be an Ambassador if I Don’t Work in Health & Fitness Already?

YES! We’re looking for ambassadors from all walks of life that embody the mantra to “Live Your Fullest Everyday”. Ambassadors should live what they preach and be an inspiration to others.

Do I Get Paid as an Ambassador?

Not at this time. As a startup, resources are limited as we focus on growing the business and product line. But we do cover the cost of the event participation, and outfit you in some awesome LYFESTYLE gear!