gina maria lyfe fuel ambassador
Gina Maria

Health and Fitness Coach

Between her sales job, studies, community involvement and maintaining personal relationships, Gina understands how hectic life can be! Her goal is to help as many people as possible reach their fitness goals and live healthy lives no matter how busy they are. She has put together her website,, in an effort to help all those hard workers, mommies and busy bees out there.

Additionally, for a period of time, Gina battled with her weight and poor body image. She wasted a lot of money on trainers and products in an effort to get down on the scale.  She set unrealistic goals for herself and often found her self-esteem to be very low as a result. It wasn’t until she committed to being as healthy as possible and stopped comparing herself to others that she lost the excess weight. She is committed to making her clients feel good about themselves, improving their health and helping them achieve a positive image and healthy body.

Given her strong background in college athletics and sports marketing, her fitness training is heavily influenced by sports! She believes in solid workouts that can be done anywhere and can fit easily into a busy schedule. Although training is her passion, she is also a huge believer that proper nutrition and supplementation is the ultimate key to a lean physique.


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