will reed lyfe fuel ambassador
Will Reed

High-Altitude Mountaineer

Will is an active global high-altitude mountaineer, nearing the completion of the 7 summits. He is committed to executing the Explorer Grand Slam (EGS) without the use of supplemental oxygen. Approximately 42 people have completed the 7 summits, and less than 5 people have completed the EGS without supplemental oxygen.
Will’s passion for climbing began at an early age in elementary school when he spent his summers exploring the mountains of New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, and Yosemite/Sierra Nevada (CA) for multiple months at a time. Shortly after graduating from high school, Will set off to explore the Harding Icefield and Glaciers of Denali, Alaska. While obtaining his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Will continued to hike and ski in the Rocky Mountains in addition to completing his coursework in finance and accounting with a minor in geology. While in Boulder, he spent his free time exploring nature, the libraries and the Aquatic Center as an active competitor for the university’s swim team.
Over the course of the following decade, Will’s professional life entailed balancing a full-time career in investment banking and private equity while completing his master’s degree as a full-time student at New York University in finance (with a concentration in real estate). He is currently the managing partner of the New York-based private equity investment company, High Summit Capital, a fitting name that conveys Will’s duality.
An avid mountaineer, Will has successfully summited the peak of the highest mountains on 4 of the 7 continents. He is currently the youngest American to complete a 20k summit in 2006 during the wet season (AF).  Will has been in the international spotlight for the solo completion of multiple summits, including the southern hemisphere and throughout Russia, which required international government clearance (GPS-tracked) and unsupported ski ascents/descents. While summiting Aconcagua (22,838 ft.) in South America, Will saved his own life during an ice slide that required a self-arrest. This was no easy feat, as just 6 months prior, Will severed 3 of his fingers in an injury that required complete digit nerve, ligament and muscular reconstruction.
In addition to his passion for high-altitude mountaineering and his professional life, Will volunteers for the Alzheimer’s Association and is a ski race coach for the Special Olympics New Jersey. He is an avid nutritionist, with ongoing research projects, the primary focus of which is on recovery, cognitive loss prevention, sleep optimization and the overall improvement of LYFE at high altitude. Will’s mission is to supplement the hardships experienced on mountains with requisite fuel to maximize all aspects of LYFE.

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