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Nina DeGiglio

Inspirational Chef, Blogger, & Nutritionist

Nina is a native New Yorker with a love for all things health and fitness. Although she didn’t play many sports as a child, Nina took up horseback riding and competed for many years. As life got busier and competing was put on hold, it became more of a special occasion rather than a regular activity. Being inactive with an improper diet left her fatigued and weak on a regular basis, which continued on for many years.

A few years ago Nina decided to get up and make the change toward a healthier lifestyle by working out daily and always eating nutrient rich foods to properly fuel her body. As changes became apparent both physically and mentally, she felt happier than she had in a long time and never looked back, committing herself to living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Nina now resides in Orange County, California and is currently in the process of getting certified in personal training and nutrition, as well as starting a health and wellness blog. Knowing what it’s like to feel unmotivated and unhappy with herself, she hopes (through her story) that she can inspire others to transition into a healthier, happier and more active lifestyle.