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Heather Dorak

Pilates Platinum Founder

Heather is a Texas native, spending her youth growing up in San Antonio.  At a young age, she quickly fell in love with dancing.  Any spare moment Heather had, when she wasn’t in school or sleeping, she was dancing.  If you knew Heather, you knew she was a dancer.  As much love, joy, dedication, strength and beauty dance gave her it also took her to a dark side.  The pressure to look and perform to certain standards, left Heather with a dark secretive unhealthy eating disorder.  Throughout what seems like an eternity of a battle (still to this day), it was about to get worse.  Heather injured herself and was told she would no longer be able to dance anymore.  Her world seemed to crumble right before her eyes without any hope of light at the end of the tunnel.

In parallel, Heather left Texas to go to school at UCLA.  She was living the California dream and loving every moment of it.  It wasn’t until she literally stumbled into an SPX Pilates class that she truly discovered love at first site.  The moment couldn’t have been any more perfect.  Her sorrows of not being able to dance professionally were soon filled with happiness from Pilates.  Her struggles with her eating disorder started to shift towards a healthy mind.

She was finishing up college with the need to figure her life out.  Heather put together a plan and presented it proudly to her family.  She wanted to open up her very own SPX Pilates studio and share with her community the love and gratitude she felt when she took her first class.  With the continued love and support from her family and community, Heather has taken her first studio, in Hollywood, and expanded her brand to three additional studios.  There isn’t a day that goes by that Heather is not reminded of her past.  It is those struggles that make her stronger and empower her to spread her experience to others.

Heather loves being very involved her community through leading a teenage girls running group, to regularly contributing articles to: The Tig, ActivewearUSA, Mind Body Green, Women’s Health, Self, Popsugar, etc. Most importantly it is Heather’s clients and community that continually inspire her and challenge her to keep growing.

From a very humble heart, she wants others to learn from her experience and show the power of positive thought, determination and dreams!

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