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Ashlee Hegner

CrossFit Competitor and Coach

Ashlee has spent her entire life playing sports. She began competing in gymnastics at the age of 10. In addition to her athletic endeavors as a gymnast, Ashlee also began competing in track & field in high school. Ashlee was on the Cal State Fullerton gymnastics team as a Division I athlete for 4 years with a primary focus on the floor and vault events.  Ashlee pursued her passion for health in the classroom as well, graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Health Science with an emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention.

Ashlee now trains to compete in CrossFit. She began her crossfit career in 2010, which was a natural fit given her gymnastic and athletic background. Ashlee competed on a team in the 2011 CrossFit SoCal regionals before taking a year long break to focus on raising her now 6 year old twins. Ashlee returned to the sport of CrossFit in May of 2012 with a new determination to compete. She has since competed as an individual athlete in 2013 regionals placing 16th in Southern California, in 2014 placing 15th in Southern California, 2015 placing 25th in all of California and 2016 placing 15th.

A life centered around sports and naturally healthy living was instilled in her at an early age and has continued to be the foundation for her life. Ashlee chose Health Science as her major in college to learn more about the importance of healthy living. In her words, “Healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a LYFEstyle!” Living a healthy life is a passion of hers because of how it makes her feel and the energy it provides her in her busy life as a mom, competitive athlete, and career. Ashlee firmly believes that life is all about balance and emphasizing the importance of health not only for oneself, but also for one’s family. Ashlee involves her kids in her healthy lifestyle, which has set a great example for them to follow. As a family, they eat healthy foods together and use recreational time to participate in things that keep them active and moving all while sharing life’s special moments, bonding and creating memories.

“Good health is a choice so love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

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