Why Diets Often Fail - What to Know

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Going on a diet has worked for many people over the years, yet this method has its fair share of failed stories. There are numerous diet fads today, and with more celebrities introducing or talking about new weight-loss approaches, most people just can’t stop testing them out. The fixation on weight loss is not surprising, given that diet contributes significantly to overall health. However, the thing is that it may still fail at some point. Why? 

You probably have done it before—religiously following a regime for weeks, months or even years, you’re happy with the results, and you managed to maintain your weight. However, there was a time when you decided to take a break or something happened in your life that made you forget about your “strict” diet, and now, you have started gaining weight again. 

It’s About Keeping the Weight Off

Rest assured that there’s nothing wrong with the diet. Instead, it’s all about the struggle of keeping the weight off, which is why “diets” fail. The reason it does is because of numerous factors that influence a person to do things that opposes their set eating habits. Moreover, weight loss slows down over time, and in some cases, it can reverse what you have been working on. In such cases, people easily gain the lost weight back after some time. 

What’s the Fuss If You Can’t Keep the Weight Off? 

You might think about why you need to lose weight if you will hardly keep the weight off. One point that you need to remember is that your body is not designed to make weight loss easy because of biological, environmental, and behavioral factors that make long-term weight loss a challenge. 

The most difficult aspect to fight off, aside from the weight, is the brain. This is because it responds to diet differently—it increases your cravings. When the brain gets into this state, the body follows. Essentially, the brain and body will work together to make losing weight a challenge. 

Indeed, when it comes to weight loss, the struggle is real. So, do you stop? You don’t! You only need to find the right regime with sustainable goals. With the many methods out there coupled with celebrities flaunting their skinny bodies and thanking a specific diet, that doesn’t mean it will work the same way for you. Everyone has different bodies, which is why there will be a regime that will work well for you; all you have to do is to find it. 

Another point to keep in mind is that your regime doesn’t mean it should be fast. Take your time and let your body adjust to it naturally; only then will you be able to keep the weight off as long as you can. Should you get the weight back, rest assured that you can always lose it as you know which diet works for you. 

Aside from your food intake, be sure to pair it with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, and you will be able to maintain a healthy weight as much as you can. 

Diets don’t fail because it is the human’s behavior or, perhaps, natural response that makes them fail. Whatever food regime you’re in, you can always keep the weight off if you want to, yet it will take lots of discipline and patience. The key here is to find a diet that works for you, take it slow, and pair it with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

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