Our Guide to the Best Vegan Protein Powder for Women in 2020

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People craving a healthier lifestyle often find veganism a daunting transition, especially considering where you can get delicious sources of protein. However, you don’t need to indulge in meat as there are a variety of plants that are packed with just as much protein content like nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.

Protein found in plants is also giving dairy mixes like whey-based formulas a run for their money as soy, hemp, rice, peanut, and other plant-based protein powders become a hot commodity in the world of fitness and health.

It’s a perfect, no-prep way to improve your protein intake, making it a great post-workout vegan smoothie for a healthy pick-me-up.

Finding the Perfect Vegan Protein Powder with “Complete” Essential Amino Acids

Most vegan protein powders are made using a blend of brown rice, peanuts, pea, soy, and hemp proteins as the combination of ingredients can whip up a complete source of all the nine essential amino acids. We break down some of the popular ingredients in vegan protein powders to understand their unique benefits:

1. Pea Protein

Healthy greens like peas are the best sources of protein as it is packed with the same effective properties that contribute to building your muscle mass. Peas are an open secret ingredient that powers up most vegan protein powders, adding a velvety and creamy texture to your smoothies.

Two scoops of pea protein powder can introduce 21 grams of protein into your system, making it a universally healthy addition you can blend seamlessly to shakes, smoothies, and even soups!

2. Brown Rice Protein

Offering just as much muscle support, brown rice can deliver 22 grams of protein per serving, making it a must-have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Brown rice protein isn’t the most suitable for smoothies due to its chalky texture, so it should serve to boost the nutrition in sweet, vegan treats like a lip-smacking snack of protein-rich muffin.

3. Hemp Protein

Hemp protein often lacks enough protein content, but it makes up for its missing gaps by providing a healthy dose of essential nutrients like fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids. This gives your morning smoothies an energizing boost as it combines the best of both worlds.

The Bottom Line: Optimize Your Life with Our Vegan Protein Powder

Women who are leading an active lifestyle can use vegan protein powders as a better supplement to boost their fitness levels in more ways than one. The guide above shows how different ingredients create the ultimate protein drink, not to mention it contains more fiber and iron compared to whey.

Speaking of which, we offer superfood supplements and plant-based protein powders that provide a chock-full of delicious ingredients. Our replacement shakes are sure to boost overall wellness as it mixes organic ingredients with the top essentials mentioned above.

If you’re looking for the best plant-based protein powder in the USA, we offer the tastiest superfood supplements! Get in touch with us today to explore your options.