In order to get your day off to a good start, it's important to have a morning routine that helps get you energized and ready to face the day ahead. 

It's no secret that productivity is one of the primary keys to success but many people often find it difficult to get going once they get out of bed. Whether you're heading off to work or staying home to take care of your kids, you need a plan to ensure you're working smarter not harder. Here are six of our favorite tips to help you establish an effective morning routine that will allow you to prioritize your most important objectives and stay on track toward reaching your goals. 


If you want to get your day off to a great start, make sure you set aside some quiet time each morning for thinking and contemplation. This works well for many people, since they can often sort out many issues before their day gets chaotic. Whether you need to think about current problems or make a decision about future plans, the morning is a great time to get excellent results. 


If you find yourself feeling disorganized every morning, consider making a list the night before of all you want to get done when you wake up the next day. By doing this simple task, you'll virtually guarantee that you will become much more efficient. If you find yourself always running late each morning, making a list will help you get organized and get many more things done.


For many parents, getting the kids up and going each morning is always a battle. To make sure this isn't the case at your home, put the kids on a schedule and stick to it. By working with them to make sure they get up at the same time, have breakfast, and get on the school bus, you and your kids will have much easier lives.  

No time to cook? Try a healthy smoothie recipe instead! With endless options to choose from, starting your day with a breakfast smoothie ensures you get a nutrient-dense breakfast that will contribute to our energy and focus and ensures your kids are too. Not only is it a much better option than sugar-laden breakfast cereals but it's super quick and convenient to help you get out the door and off to work or school in a flash. 

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If you want to establish a great morning routine, then eat less before you go to bed at night. By eating at least 2-3 hours before turning in for the night, you'll find you have much more energy in the morning because you've given your body time to properly digest and absorb key nutrients from the food, allowing you to get more restful sleep. By establishing this routine, you'll not only have a much better morning routine, but feel better throughout the day. 


For many people, it seems as if they can't start their day without checking the smartphone for messages. However, if you find yourself doing this each morning, you'll quickly discover that your morning disappears before you know what hit you, especially when you check social media, which is intentionally designed to tap into the dopamine sensors in the brain, sucking up more of your valuable time in mindless scrolling and double tapping. To get more done in the mornings, unplug for a few minutes and focus instead on relaxing and planning your day. Also, try turning notifications off on some of the apps that you are most inclined to waste time on. It may take some time to adjust and get over the initial FOMO but soon enough you'll be thankful for all the free time you suddenly have available. 


While coffee may feel like a necessity for many early-risers, it can actually hinder your ability to get into a great morning routine. For many people who start their day with a large cup of coffee, what starts out as a quick burst of energy often results in a crash later that morning. To keep this from happening, switch to having smaller cups of coffee spread throughout the morning, or if possible try drinking tea instead. By doing so, you'll be mentally alert while also avoiding that jittery feeling while also getting some additional antioxidant benefits. Additionally, make sure you hydrate before reaching for the caffeine. Drinking a tall glass of water first thing in the morning is essential for curbing morning hunger cravings and putting necessary fluid into your tank.

BONUS TIP: Instead of caffeine, try starting your day with a cold shower. Two to three minutes of some icy water will help kickstart your circulation and provide an instant alertness. It's also been shown to promote health and longevity..

By implementing some or all of these tips, you'll find yourself not only accomplishing more each morning, but feeling much better along the way.  If you find yourself struggling to work these into your daily routine, be sure to check out our 21-Day Transformation program, which was designed to help you implement healthy habits that contribute to lasting and profound results. 

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