Meal Replacement Shake Not Working? Here’s What You Could Be Doing Wrong

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No matter if you consume social media content voraciously or sparingly, chances are you have seen at least one ad for weight loss shakes or meal replacement shakes. Sometimes, they are even accompanied by amazing transformation videos or before-and-after pictures. But does replacing meals with nutrition shakes really work? Yes, it does. According to nutritionists and dietitians, replacing one or two meals a day with a healthy, nutrition shake can help you achieve long-term weight loss.

Meal replacement shakes are usually made using healthy ingredients and are packed with energy and nutrition as they are meant to provide you with a meal’s worth of calories. They also include a sufficient amount of fiber to keep you feeling full and minimize cravings. This makes them a great addition to your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

There may, however, be times when it might seem like they aren’t working and you aren’t losing any weight. Why? Let us look at a few things you could be doing wrong.

You haven’t been drinking it long enough

If you are drinking meal replacement shakes and expecting instant results, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Weight loss is a slow process. A proper diet plan and regular exercise will start showing results in a few weeks or months. If you haven’t been drinking your meal replacement shakes for even a month, you will not see any visible results. 

You are cutting too many calories

While cutting calories is one of the keys to losing weight, it also comes with its own set of complications. As you cut more calories, your body begins to tap into its fat reserves to maintain the energy levels. But when you diet too much or cut too many calories, your body reduces the amount of energy it burns, which means it doesn’t shed as much fat. When your metabolism slows down, it becomes much harder to lose weight.

You are compensating by eating unhealthy foods

Meal replacement shakes are formulated to keep you full and reduce your cravings, but the temptation might still remain. When you use these shakes to replace unhealthy and heavily processed foods, your body will still crave them. So, on your cheat days, you overindulge. You pack in the things you have been missing. And when you do that, it takes away from all the good that meal replacement shakes have done for your health.

When combined with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, meal replacement shakes can work wonders for your health and fitness journey. 

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