Ka'Chava Review: Is It a Good Vegan Meal Replacement? - What to Know

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In today’s extremely fast-paced lifestyle, meal replacement is essential to stay healthy. Busy people need an easy nutritious drink to take when the schedule is full or when they can only spare a couple of minutes for a meal.

Ka’Chava is one organic superfood that is making a name when it comes to healthy meal replacements, but is it a good option? Here’s our Ka’Chava review:

What is Ka’Chava?

Ka’Chava is a meal replacement shake that claims to be the ultimate all-in-one whole body meal. It was created with ancient wisdom as inspiration. The creators of this product used the knowledge they learned from local cultures around the world in finding the most nutrient-rich superfood to use as ingredients.

Ka’Chava has two flavors: chocolate and vanilla. In each pack, you can get 15 meals and each serving is big—two scoops of powder for both flavors.

How to prepare Ka’Chava?

All you need to do is to add water and shake it or blend it, and you’re done. Ka’Chava was designed to be thick and creamy, so there’s no need to add milk. In case you prefer adding milk, you can still do it, but see first if you’ll like the thickness. 

What’s good about Ka’Chava?

1. It’s vegan-friendly

Ka’Chava is a vegan meal replacement. It is the best superfood meal replacement for those who are sensitive when it comes to dairy, gluten, and soy because it does not contain these ingredients. Drinking Ka’Chava helps save your body with the nutrients it contains, and it also helps save the planet because it is plant-based and has a minimal environmental impact.

2. It’s 100 percent good for the body

Ka’Chava has no artificial ingredients, and it also did not use any preservatives. It is made of over 70 plant-based nutrients that nourish and keep your body in shape. Every ingredient used is pure and clean. In one serving, you get all the essential nutrients and vitamins your body needs daily.

3. High in protein

Protein is one of the must-have nutrients vegans should have. For every serving of Ka’Chava, you can get 25 grams of protein, similar to the protein you get from a protein shake. That is 10-15 grams more than the amount of protein the doctors recommend.

4. It tastes good

It has a creamy and smooth texture, and it has a good taste that even kids will love. As already mentioned, there’s no need to add anything else. 

5. Can help in weight loss

Ka’Chava is a meal replacement that can immediately make you feel full without the bloating effect. Although the brand has been straightforward about its product not being designed as a quick-fix diet, it can be an effective weight loss control if you make it a replacement for high-calorie or unhealthy meals. 

You will get enough energy and nutrients from its high-quality ingredients, and since it satisfies hunger in an instant, you will have a lesser chance of craving unhealthy snacks in between meals. Ka’Chava achieved this by optimizing the three key ingredients that help control hunger—protein, fiber, and healthy fats.


Ka’Chava, so far, has good online reviews and is considered one of the best vegan meal replacements in the market. The best way to see if it is effective is to try it for yourself.

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