Get Back In Shape: A Guide on How to Ease Back Into Working Out

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As career, family, and household obligations mount, the first thing to go is typically your workout routine. Perhaps your busy week is lapsing into a busy month, and you’re barely coming across pockets of time to hit the gym. However, along with a balanced diet, pulling yourself out of a workout rut isn’t impossible. 

Step 1 - Outline Your Goals

The first step towards reviving your fitness regimen is to want to, in the first place. Find internal motivation—not external incentives such as getting a six-pack. Focus on something more meaningful, such as getting back into a sport you’ve long forgotten or improving your immune system. 

Then, discuss your goals with a physical therapist. Regardless of your age, you’ll first want to assess your flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular health, especially if you haven’t visited the gym in quite some time. A physical evaluation can go a long way when getting back into old habits. 

Step 2 - Don’t Rush, Take Your Time

Much to anyone’s dismay, a mere week off from the gym can impact any progress you’ve already made. In just two weeks, constant inactivity can result in a loss of muscle strength and mass. When getting back into your routine, take it slow. Fix your body—don’t break it. 

Start with a few minutes of cardio, working your way up to longer workouts that incorporate different types of equipment. When you’re confident in your ability to perform better, consider working with a personal trainer. Ultimately, a healthy adult should be engaging in about 150 minutes of exercise per week

Step 3 - Make Small Changes

When getting back into your fitness routine, it can be tempting to jump right into a new nutrition program as well. Despite the apparent advantages of plant-based diet recipes, cutting meat out of your diet too quickly will come as a shock to your body. 

Focus on one thing at a time—and gradually. Change your nutrition patterns over time, first indulging in vegan meal replacement shakes before concocting exclusively vegan meals. Increase your water intake slowly to account for your body shedding minerals through sweat. 

Step 4 - Take a Holistic Approach to Every Change

Unbeknownst to most workout rookies, pain is not an indicator of an effective workout. Along with your primary exercises, you’ll want to account for your cool-down, stretching, and recovery. When possible, incorporate regular massages and a trip to your physical therapist to mitigate injury risk.

Step 5 - Redefine What Exercise Means to You

Pop culture has more influence over how you define daily tasks more than you think it does. What a “good workout” means to one isn’t what it’ll mean to you. If your packed schedule can’t accommodate more than 10 to 15 minutes of exercise per day, don’t try to free up more time than you can—it’ll only add to the mounting pressures of work and family. 

Consider how you can incorporate more activity into your schedule—whether it be biking home from work instead of catching a cab or taking on more physical chores at home. Make moving your mission. Then, couple your goals with a balanced diet. 

Supplement Your Fitness Journey With LYFE Fuel

If you slip out of your workout routine, don’t beat yourself up for it—there are ways to get back into the swing of things without unnecessary stress. As a rule of thumb, don’t attempt to achieve your health objectives all at once. Ease yourself into your new routine. Your body will thank you for it later.

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