Founder Insights:
Customer Communication

60 Minute Podcast

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LyfeFuel founder & CEO, Chris Manderino, goes on record with Will Laurensen of the "Customers Who Click" podcast to discuss Lyfe's signature approach to customer experience.

Chris opens up about the challenges we've faced as a small business during Covid and the resulting global supply chain challenges, and provides insights about the effort we're making to improve our communication and enhance the customer experience with the goal of building a remarkable brand centered on People, Purpose, and Planet.

Key Highlights:

05:28 – 11:10 – Why putting the customer first has been critical to our success

Listening to customer feedback (both good and bad) has helped guide our decision-making and make great strides toward improving the customer experience.  The voice of the customer helps us navigate the daily challenges of running a business by informing us what areas need to be prioritized to contribute to improved customer happiness and long-term brand loyalty.

11:11 – 24:15 – Keys to Good Customer Experience

Chris discusses how we strive to reward customer loyalty by putting our subscription customers first.  This mutual demonstration of appreciation is the backbone of our business. Chris believes that it is imperative for companies to focus on the feedback of their customers if they want to build a business that lasts. Customers want to feel seen, heard, and cared's our job to listen.

24:16 – 32:10 – Own Your Shortcomings & Learn from Past Failures 

We've learned how disruptions in supply chain management can impact our business and our customers. Faced with new ingredient sourcing and manufacturing challenges we've been forced to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the changing landscape. It certainly hasn't been perfect but we're making the investment to improve these processes and avoid it from happening again in the future.

By facing these challenges head on, we've learned that effective communication and transparency is critical to keeping customers informed.  It's not always easy but we strive to do the best we can with the information we have available and pass that along to our customers to keep them informed about what's going on behind the scenes.

32:41 – 54:28 – Commit to constant improvement

When a company grows, it must also grow responsibly. One way to do this is by developing an efficient system and hiring people who share the same vision and values. This not only increases productivity but also increases potential. It guarantees customer satisfaction, too.

We strive to convey kindness and support in our communications strategy. Well-timed emails, personalized newsletters, or basic forum posts are all great ways to show that you care. Sometimes communication is about more than words and ultimately, the actions you take will be the most important determination for long-term customer loyalty.

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