Smoothie Recipe Book

create your own SUPER-FUEL

Start with a base of unsweetened almond milk, or any non-dairy milk of your choice, and LYFE FUEL Daily Essentials 

Add in any of these super foods to give your smoothie the necessary nutrient boost your body needs!

Avocado: this healthy fat won’t just give your smoothie a creamy consistency, it actually helps your body absorb more nutrients from plant food! A great source of potassium (even more than bananas), to fuel your post-workout recovery window and replenish key electrolytes lost when you sweat. Although it may give your smoothie a slight tinge of green, it won’t taste a thing like guacamole.

Maca Root: Fueling up before a workout or trying to get through the mid-afternoon slump? Add a healthy dose of Maca Root to your smoothie! This energizing super food will boost your performance, increase your stamina and even help accelerate those gainz! But, full disclosure, maca has also been shown to increase libido and fertility.

Matcha: Made by pulverizing the entire plant instead of just the leaves, matcha serves up 137 times more antioxidants than just regular green tea! A powerful mood enhancer, detoxifier and metabolism booster, this green dream will jump start any morning smoothie.

Mushroom Powder: Feeling a little run down? Or looking to ward off that dreaded flu? Throw a few teaspoons of mushroom powder into your smoothie! The powers of this superhero superfood extend far beyond just immunity boosting. The health benefits of Mushroom Powder range from healing adrenal fatigue to managing the symptoms of diabetes and even protecting against dementia. Fear not, your smoothie won’t taste like dinner…mushroom powder’s earthy and nutty flavors blend easily into most anything.

Coconut Oil: Keto dieters rejoice! Swap out that buttered coffee for a scoop of coconut oil! Whether your morning smoothie is cold brew infused or not, a serving of this tropical fat will serve up a latte (couldn’t resist a little pun) of benefits. Healthy fats, fatty acids, metabolism booster, skin soother, and so much more.

These boosters aren’t just for smoothies— use these powerful plant foods as healthy additions to any of your meals. We’ll be continuing our SuperFuel superfood guide — stay tuned!