Can Sleeping More Really Help Me Lose Weight?

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People who want to lose weight often focus on two things: their essential nutrition and gym programs. Although these are two really important factors, some forget to improve their lifestyle as a whole, which means fixing their sleeping habits. 

Many don't know that their sleeping habits can affect how their body functions and, therefore, alter how they lose and gain weight. Ideally, to get your body to function in its full potential, you need to get enough sleep, specifically around 7 to 9 hours. When you sleep less, you unintentionally gain weight even if you follow an active and healthy diet plan. 

How their sleeping habits affect women

Unfortunately, this issue is more evident among women because their hormones are more active and sensitive to their body’s habits. According to findings, women who only get 5 hours of sleep are more subject to weight gain than those who get about 7 hours of rest at night. But why is that? How does sleep affect weight gain?

Many women gain weight despite eating less because their sleeping patterns affect the way their hormones behave.

Many think that women with less sleep gain weight because the hormone that controls their appetite gets triggered. However, hunger and diet do not contribute to the weight gain in people who sleep less.

If you're in the process of creating a better lifestyle and you want to control your weight, keep reading. This article will discuss everything you need to know about how sleeping can affect weight gain. So let's get to work!

So, what are the real reasons for weight gain?

It isn't enough to have a fantastic essential nutrition program and a regular exercise schedule. You must understand the relationship between sleep and weight gain to improve your weight loss journey. 

Changes in metabolic rate

One of the reasons sleep affects your weight is because lack of sleep can create changes in your basal metabolic rate. This means sleeping less can change the number of calories you burn while you're at rest. While you're resting, you sometimes regulate your weight through exercise-associated thermogenesis, also known as involuntary activity. These tiny movements add up to the calories you burn at rest. 

Unfortunately, when you sleep less, you move around less as well. And because of that, your exercise-associated thermogenesis decreases therefore lowering your calorie burn count as well. 

Sleeping can impact cortisol levels

Cortisol is a hormone in your body that regulates how your body responds to stress, aids in regulating your blood sugar, and fights infections. When you have less sleep, it dramatically affects how your body produces cortisol and impacts its levels. 

When you have less sleep, your body can release too much cortisol hormones and increase your stress, ultimately stimulating hunger. On average, women get at least 6 and a half hours of sleep, which may cause chronic sleep deprivation that may affect their metabolic rate and overall health. 

Interferes with numerous body functions

Another reason inadequate sleep is connected to weight gain is that it disrupts the body's job to metabolize carbohydrates. This causes an increase of high blood levels of glucose, leading you to higher insulin levels and an increase in body fat storage. Additionally, it lowers your leptin levels; this sends signals to the brain for you to consume carbohydrates and ultimately affects your appetite. 

Now that you know bad habits affect your weight loss journey, it's time that you find ways to improve your sleeping habits. 

Having an essential nutrition program to follow and a regular gym schedule won't help you lose weight. You'll need to understand that the result you want to achieve will depend on your lifestyle habits. In addition to diet and exercise, you must get sufficient sleep to help your body control your weight. 

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