Don't skip a beat with your health routine event when you're Jetsetting around the globe

Vacation vibes throwing off your game? We get it. Travel often derails the most committed wellness junkies around. All of us need a break from our work/life routines but, does being without your diet and fitness regime kill your chill? As the old adage says “failing to prepare is preparing to fail…” 

Here’s our packing list & tips for LYFE on the road (or waves, or air). 

The Daily Essentials:
Sometimes there’s nothing more stressful than traveling- airports, planes, time-changes & jet lag can all wreak havoc on “relaxing”. Take LYFE FUEL on the road to make sure you’re getting your necessary Daily Essentials. Stuck with a blender-less hotel room? Stick our Shaker Bottle in your luggage too! 

Ditch the Pepto & Immodium. Cover your bases with the right kinds of supplements. 
Charcoal— the natural gas-x, also helps to capture & detox all that unwanted “stuff” in our digestive tract. 
Ginger— don’t travel without it! Helps stop nausea dead in its tracks! Ginger tea, Ginger chews, ginger pills all work great when you’re feeling not so hot! 
RESTORE Capsules combat anxiety and improve adrenals. Instead of white knuckling, prepare your body to stay calm amidst your worst travel nightmares. 
SOOTHE Capsules are loaded with curcumin (the active ingredient from turmeric), black pepper to enhance bioavailability, and omega 3s to deliver an all natural anti-inflammatory & immunity booster. Because no one wants to get sick when they’re away from home. 
PROTECT Capsules provide a natural energy boost & can help ward off that jet lag! Taking 2 capsules before drinking and 2 upon waking are also an amzing way to offset the painful aftermath of those pool-side cocktails.

Healthy Snacks: 
Nuts and Bars travel well! Stick them in your bag and bring them with you for the day. 
You can always find fresh fruit- stock your hotel room with things like apples, bananas, oranges— and other easily portable, no refrigeration (or knife) necessary fruit. 

Restaurant Guide:
Exploring a new city seems to always involve indulging in the local food scene. No need to skip out on the fun— taste the town “responsibly”….

When you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings, hungry, and tired, it's easy to sit down at the closest restaurant you find. Create your own must-go list of plant-friendly restaurants ahead of time! Ask around for restaurant recommendations & map out some “accommodating” hot spots.

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