If there is one thing people want more of in their lives today, it's happiness.  

Whether in their personal or professional lives, there's no doubt more people find themselves in search of the good life. However, while they may think it will take fame or fortune to bring them happiness, they may be surprised to discover that gratitude can in fact bring all this and much more to their lives.

Five Minutes Per Day
Believe it or not, all it takes in order for gratitude to improve people's lives is a mere five minutes. Studies have shown that people who keep a gratitude journal, in which they write down that for which they are grateful each day, can work wonders when it comes to feeling better physically and emotionally. In fact, the same study determined that keeping a gratitude journal increases a person's well-being by more than 10 percent, helping them realize their true potential.

Gratitude and Relationships
Perhaps more than anything in life, it is the relationships established with others that lead people to live happy and healthy lives. If you want to be more trusting, more appreciative, and have more meaningful relationships with a spouse or friends and family, then try being grateful for those you have in your life.

A Healthy Life
While gratitude plays an important role in our relationships, it apparently makes an even bigger difference in our physical health. According to a 2005 study conducted by Positive Psychology Progress, gratitude leads to numerous improvements in our health. Participants in this study reported that by keeping a gratitude journal on a daily basis, they had 16 percent fewer physical symptoms of illness, had a 25 percent increase in sleep quality, experienced 10 percent less physical pain, and spent 19 percent more time exercising.

Gratitude On the Job
When it comes to you and your career, you'll be happy to know that bringing an attitude of gratitude to your job each day can lead to great things. A study of managers found that an astounding 65 percent reported increased decision-making capabilities, increased productivity, and a better ability to motivate employees.

Emotional Stability
With today's world being full of more stress than ever, it's nice to know that being grateful for the little things in life can give you increased emotional stability. If you find yourself being envious of others or having trouble bouncing back from stressful situations, reminding yourself of why you should be grateful will produce excellent results. Try it a few times, and psychologists agree you'll be less envious, have happier memories, and experience more good feelings than people who fail to appreciate who and what they have in their lives.

Increased Self-Esteem
To lead a truly happy life, people need to feel good about themselves. Therefore, self-esteem is of the utmost importance on a daily basis. While some people may think it's hard to increase self-esteem, the good news is that by implementing an attitude of gratitude at home, on the job, and elsewhere, self-esteem can rapidly improve. By choosing to help others in a variety of ways, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or working with children in an after-school program, you'll realize your life has far more going for it than you may have thought.

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